The Controller is: DINAMICA S.R.L. 

Registered office: Strada Degli Olmi 16/4- 61122 Pesaro (PU), Italy

For any information regarding processing of personal data you can contact the Controller by using the details set out on the Internet website.

Dear User,

We would like to inform  you that the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“General Data Protection Regulation”) provides protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data.

In accordance with the above mentioned Regulation and pursuant to art. 5, personal data are processed  lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner (“lawfulness, fairness, transparency”) to protect your privacy rights.

Purposes and legal basis for processing of data

According to art. 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, therefore, we provide you with the following information:

The data provided are processed for the following purposes:

a) fulfillment of tax or law obligations, or obligations derived from assignments awarded by the user or contractual obligations with particular regard to online sending of commercial information, quotations and offers as well as answering general questions (processing of data to perform the services requested)

b) Marketing (sending of promotional messages, newsletters, promotions using e-mails and SMSs)

c) Costumer profiling (analyses of preferences and inferred interests in order to send commercial targeted and customized messages. Processing of personal data to profile customers shall occur only with prior consent of users using processing tools that create a web behavioral profile for commercial purposes)

Processing of personal data is carried out by authorized company team members in order to process personal data as well as by third parties on formal behalf of Dinamica S.R.L. through which they become Processors of personal data. You are eligible to ask for the list of such third parties

 Your personal data can be general data, identifying data (such as name, surname, registered company name, address, telephone, e-mail as well as bank and payment details)

Legal basis

  • For purposes according to letter a) the legal basis of processing is the fulfillment of the pre-contractual requirements and contractual provisions.
  • For the purposes according to letter b) and c) the legal basis of processing is your consent (that you can withdraw at any time)
  • Processing of personal data will occur as followed: manual or automated systems used to save, manage and transmit personal data according to principles strictly related to the above mentioned purposes, on the basis of the information at disposal of DINAMICA S.R.L. and provided that, in case of mistakes, you promptly provide us with right and complete information;

Recipients of personal data

To fulfill law or contractual obligations your personal data can be transmitted to:

- Tax consultant of DINAMICA S.R.L.;

- Credit institutions;

- Entities and subjects responsible for authorization or similar communications that are mandatory according to the law to fulfill the purposes mentioned above;

- Inspection entities and bodies responsible for checking compliance;

- Companies that offer e-mail services (for marketing e-mailing assigned to third parties)

- Companies that offer maintenance services of websites and IT systems


Providing your personal data


  • Providing your data for the purposes mentioned above is not mandatory. Although if you do not provide your personal data you cannot register to our web site and send requests.

L’invio facoltativo, esplicito e volontario di posta elettronica agli indirizzi indicati su questo sito comporta la successiva acquisizione dell’indirizzo del mittente, necessario per rispondere alle richieste, nonché degli eventuali altri dati personali inseriti nella missiva. Il conferimento dei dati è: The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the addresses provided on the website entails the subsequent acquisition of the sender address, which is necessary to answer any queries, as well as any other personal information included in the message. The sending of personal data is:

  • necessario relativamente ai dati identificati con (*) e l’eventuale rifiuto di fornire tali dati comporterà la mancata esecuzione della registrazione/richiesta; ciò in quanto i dati in oggetto assumono valenza identificativa ed integrante per l’adesione ai servizi offerti. It is mandatory if data are marked with (*), if you do not provide such information you are not able to register to the website or send requests through it, because the data you have to provide are used for identification, registration and subscription.
  • optional if data are marked with (*). You can opt to provide or not to provide personal data without prejudice to the use of the services offered on the website.


Duration of data processing 

  • I vostri dati saranno trattati per le finalità di cui alla lettera a) per il tempo necessario alle finalità di cui sopra e conservati per n.10 (dieci) anni, dalla cessazione del rapporto di erogazione del servizio/fornitura del prodotto. Per le finalità di cui alle lettere b) e c) saranno conservati fino ad eventuale revoca del consenso o comunque per 10 anni. Decorsi i termini di conservazione sopra indicati, i dati saranno distrutti, cancellati o resi anonimi.

Your data are processed for the purposes referred to in letter a) for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned above and they will be stored 10 (ten) years after the termination of the relationship for providing services/products; for the purposes referred to in letter b) and c) the data are stored until the withdrawal of the consent or at least 10 year.

Data transmission

The data as referred to above are managed and stored at our registered office in servers located on the Italian territory. They are not transmitted outside the European Union pursuant to provisions of the Regulation. It is understood that the Controller grants starting from now that the transmission will occur pursuant to the dispositions and, if needed, agreements with an adequate level of security may be concluded.


Rights of the data subject

  • You can use the contact details available on the website to ask for access your personal data (art. 15 Rights of access by the data subject), for rectification (art. 16 Right of rectification), for erasure (art. 17 Right of erasure  “Right to be forgotten”), for restriction (art. 18 Right to restriction of processing), for objection (art. 21 Right to object) as well as for portability (art. 20 Right to data portability) pursuant to the Regulation (UE) 2016/679- GDPR
  • Data subjects have the right to withdraw the consent to process personal data for marketing and profiling purposes at any time.

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority pursuant to art. 77 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679- GDPR