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ArredoCAD licenses

ArredoCAD Designer is the most popular 3D design software in Italy.

ArredoCAD Designer

Monthly license

Monthly license: the flexible solution for those who use ArredoCAD just for limited periods of time yearly

86,00 / month

ArredoCAD Designer

Annual license

Annual license: 2 free months, the most advantageous purchase solution in the long term

860,00 / year


ArredoCAD Kitchen

Monthly license

Monthly license: design outstanding kitchen layouts, floor plans, cabinets and more in minutes with ArredoCAD Kitchen.

43,00 / month

ArredoCAD Kitchen

Annual license

Annual license: design outstanding kitchen layouts, floor plans, cabinets and more in minutes with ArredoCAD Kitchen.

430,00 / year


Virtual Tour 360 Stand-alone

Annual license

Virtual Tour 360 is the solution for creating web-navigable virtual and interactive tours of any architectural space or outdoor area, via Render or 360 Photographs, even without the ArredoCAD Designer license, in this Stand-alone version.


Plug-ins and Video Courses

to make the best use of the potential of ArredoCAD for your projects

Click and Watch – 3D Web Player


Virtual Tour 360


Advanced Course – Render Light Management


Advanced Course – Render Material Management


Learn about all the features and libraries included in the ArredoCAD Designer license

Features and libraries

Support services

Reliable and fast support service always available.

A series of answers to frequently asked questions to help you independently solve problems with installing or using ArredoCAD

Video tutorials and a quick 5-step guide to quickly familiarize yourself with basic ArredoCAD commands

We offer our customers personalized telephone support service by connecting to their PCs in real time

Hardware requirements


Intel i5* processor
Ram memory 4 GB
Dedicated video card 2 GB Ram **
Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit or higher
20 GB of installation disk space

* ArredoCAD cannot currently be installed on systems with ARM processors (e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro X with Microsoft SQ processors).
** Do not recommend Nvidia QUADRO Series cards.
*** ArredoCAD cannot currently be installed on MAC systems with M1 processor.


Latest generation intel i7 processor or later*
Ram memory 16 GB
Dedicated gaming video card 2/4 GB Ram **
(Recommended: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Series or later / higher)
Microsoft Windows 10
Hard Disk SSD
20 GB of installation disk space


Boot camp
Making a partition and installing Windows 7 64-bit or higher (recommended)

Parallels Desktop
Installing Windows 7 64-bit or higher as a virtual machine (not recommended)

Why choose ArredoCAD

ArredoCAD will help you create anything you can imagine.

Easy, fast and versatile

Very easy-to-use and time-saving for designing: these are some key strengths of ArredoCAD when compared to other software for solid modeling.

A marketing tool

One of the most effective selling and marketing tool, developed to support and add value to the work of interior designers and space planners.

The best brands of Made in Italy design

Constantly updated and extended through products of our prestigious partners, the libraries of ArredoCAD reflect the best trends of the "Made in Italy" design.

High-quality renderings and virtual tours

High quality renders in just 5 minutes and 360° panoramic renders possible to navigate with a PC, smartphone or tablet: the best way to show your design proposals.

ArredoCAD Experience

Professionals have chosen ArredoCAD.

The best way to present the potential of ArredoCAD is to report what users say. In this section you find opinions, experiences, comments, and case studies of many professionals who chosen ArredoCAD for their work. Find out what they tell about creating 3D interior design projects as well as furnishing and home staging spaces with ArredoCAD. Words and tips that can inspire professionals working in any field in which ArredoCAD can be used.

“ArredoCAD is an application that has many advantages, but according to our work experience, I would say the ability to have at our disposal a number of tools such as virtual tour, panoramic render or videos that allows us to operate and respond 360 degrees to our clients’ requests.”


“We approached ArredoCAD software in 2017 because we believe in emotional selling of real estate and needed to maximize its potential. With the right program and design, we make our clients dream by showing them the capacity of the property.”


“We included ArredoCAD to synthesize into one software the various programs that were being made available to us by the various suppliers. ArredoCAD immediately seemed to us to be the best design software because it is a perfect combination of technical precision and ease of use.”